Innit interesting:

How the Left and the Liberals (but I repeat myself) can only parrot the current meme and the current version of history?

No one can do any research. None of them can be be bothered to check if the current reason for the outrage of the day is actually accurate.

They just climb on that bandwagon and scream and hoot and REACT with the rest of the primates, secure in their belief that the crowd is always right. (or the State) and that their arbitrary and poorly thought out  actions (if they are thought at all) will be justified.

It is no wonder that they are opposed by mature, right thinking folks.

Are they too blind or too stupid to see they are being led? Herded like cattle by those who would stir their emotions to gain? Like 3 year olds? One would expect that children could be easily led, but these are  otherwise intelligent (if overly emotional) adults.

I find the reactions of some of my fellow citizens to be scary, in a  “1984” sort of way