If we tear down  every statue that someone finds offensive, change the name of every park that is named after someone whose past is not on the approved list,,burn all the history books that don’t tell the currently approved story of the country’s past, and essentially go Whole Hog PC to satisfy the people who are pushing this purge….

Will that affect one black person’s future? Will it fix the problems in the black community? Deal with the cultural issues that keep  many young black males from graduating, change the fact that great numbers of young black women have children BEFORE graduating, most black women raise their children without a father (or often leave them to be raised by their grandmothers…who are often unmarried themselves)….Will it keep the gang violence from happening in black neighborhoods? Will it keep the drug violence from the gangs from happening? Will it suddenly make the community HELP the police, instead of “I Din See Nuttin’ “? Will it keep young blacks from going on rampages of fighting and orgies of stealing that makes every other race look at them suspiciously?

Will it help them find jobs that they cannot currently qualify for because those higher paying jobs require that one not have a criminal record and that you pass a drug screen? That you speak plain english?

Will pulling down all those statues fix any of that? Really? Will those issues change overnight because we banned the Confederate history, flag and monuments?

Will it right any of the wrongs that occurred 4 and 5 and 6 generations ago? Will it change any of the history?