How can they pass this?

Illegal search, no trial, illegal seizure….

I expect the first to implement this will get sued, and rightly so. This is about as unconstitutional as it gets.

Oregon governor signs “Gun Confiscation” bill into law.

Now, it isn’t exactly as the headline states, but it is pretty bad.

And judges who sign the orders should be sued by the folks who are affected by this illegal and unconstitutional order. ….then impeached

2 thoughts on “How can they pass this?

  1. Yeah; too bad Kalifornia beat Oregon to it last year.

    …What's next, as "d'gubment" takes away our rights… for our own safety?…

    …The only difference between a a fortress and a prison is which side the door lock is on…

  2. This is really getting interesting on the left coast… And agree, just waiting for the lawsuits to start!

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