Yep Yep Yep.

You betcha there.

Everyone is a victim

I mean, really at what point do we say “get the fuck over it, it was in the past, deal with today….Grow the hell up” and just go forward?

Are black people gonna be eternal victims? I mean, Jewish folks don’t forget, but they deal and go forward. We still tell Polish jokes…The Irish were hated by pretty much everyone in their day. WOP is still an insult to a person of Italian ancestry….The Chinese and Japanese were segregated ’cause the others just wanted them there since there were no longer slaves to exploit for labor….But not in MY backyard.

I can go on, ad nauseum, but at a certain point you either get it, or you should move to California, Oregon, or the NorthEast and stay the hell out of the South and the Midwest. Especially the South.

But please, shut the hell up.