Just so you don’t forget:

Remember that 25 years ago was the day that that the US Marshalls killed Sammy Weaver and started the Ruby Ridge debacle (for there can be no other word) that led to the standoff and, eventually, the death of Vicki Weaver….

The fuckups (for there can be no nice way to describe the total incompetence that the whole, long involved mess that the ATF started, the US Marshall’s Service screwed up even further, and the FBI folks totally failed to do any more than make much much worse) were epic and should have resulted in about 70 prosecutions of the assorted agents of the three agencies for malfeasance and incompetence and the resulting coverup…but no one was prosecuted, no one was demoted, forced to retire or in any meaningful way punished.

If you don’t know the whole story, start here. Read THIS to see the discrepancies that the FBI (and other agencies) just papered over. (and the courts and “Justice” system let happen). READ THIS for a long, detailed (but, as far as I can determine, factually correct) account of the “incident”.

The ATF, acting out of control and in a manner that was both unprofessional and incompetent caused this to happen. Then they called the US Marshals to act, who failed to investigate and simply acted…in what could well be called a rouge manner……..causing the incident which led to the death of  Sammy weaver and Marshall Dugan. They too needed help, so they called the FBI. Who again acted in a manner which exacerbated the situation. None of the agents ever questioned the reasons why a man who moved to the country to be left alone would act this way, they simply took the word of some incompetent ATF agents who wanted to cover their butts…..the Marshalls, once a Fed was killed, of course hid the fact that they too acted in a poor and unprofessional manner and called in the Feebs, who again, escalated things.

(Having worked with agents from all three agencies about 10 years ago, I can tell you that they hadn’t gotten much better then. They are arrogant, are afraid only for their retirement, and lie, cheat and cover up their mistakes, often with the aid of other agent even those from other agencies. If one Fed says something, the others, even in other agencies, take it at face value, even though it may seem implausible. (yes, I’ve seen this firsthand).)

Randy Weaver got screwed by some ATF agents, then screwed again by (and lost his son to) some idiots who worked for the US Marshall’s service. The the FBI took over and killed his wife. Because Feds.

I met Randy some years ago. His eyes were haunted and he is a broken man. I’m surprised he hasn’t eaten his gun yet.

Your Government and the Justice Department at work. And your Government covered for them and LET THEM GET AWAY WITH IT.

I  highly doubt that there is any difference in any of those agencies today.

One thought on “Just so you don’t forget:

  1. ruby ridge, branch davidian, beef ranchers including the bundys– i am sure there will be more to come.
    corruption everywhere.
    it rots gaping holes in the ship.
    that is why the ship of state is sinking.
    it is just a matter of time.

    if we survive the era to come may be like the middle ages where bandits roam and rape, and any communities live behind high walls. in those times the harvest was often stolen by hordes of evildoers, like the kazaris, and everyone left alive starved.
    the raiders figured there would always be another farming community to rob in the next autumn.

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