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I cannot confirm the numbers, but they sound right…and plausible. If you can confirm or disprove them, please do so in comments . I’d be interested.

Yeah, I know, believing this makes me a racist. Don’t care about being called that anymore….That card’ has been played so many times it is worn out.

Found via Feral Irishman (I, at least, admit where I steal content from, unlike some bloggers)

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  1. We see that because of our connection to St. Louis. It is probably bigger than the numbers in the report.

    Got the problem fixed on my blog. The HTML code disappeared when I hit POST, and then I was gone all day. (I did not check after posting; oh well.)

  2. I have been discussing the numbers with some friends since I found Aesops post. Think about the additional amounts hard working people pay for mortgages , putting kids through school, monthly bills. No wonder both parents are working 5-6-7 days a week and can't get ahead. Meanwhile the wealth is redistributed. This won't last. The camel is loaded and they keep piling on straw.

  3. I really can't give a damn as to whether the numbers are accurate or not. I "give a damn locally," and act globally.

    My next-door neighbor moved out. She rented her house out to a Section Eight welfare bum black/whatever family. I went to WORK every day; they didn't. Oh; the man tinkered some… on other peoples' cars, boats, and such, in the driveway of his house. He rented out part of the driveway to store someone else's flatbed trailers. He had no more room to work on the cars, so he started working on them in front of my house. I told him that wasn't happening, and he told me "I'll do whatever the f*ck I want to do. You should be glad that I'm not out robbing houses ind killing people!" Calls to the sheriff and county rendered the same "There's nothing we can do; budget cuts, y'know" response. The guy started doing body work, again, in the driveway. He was banging on fenders at 6:00 AM, ten feet from my son's bedroom window; the son who had just returned from WORKING all night. We had to call the sheriff again. It was only when the guy started PAINTING cars in the driveway, that I was able to get the landlord to do something, and only after I threw pamphlets containing all of the county, state, and federal emissions laws he was breaking highlighted in her face. The guy stopped doing the car work… and started selling drugs out of the house. No, I didn't see the drugs. Tell me though; for what other reason would people be coming down a dead-end road, stopping at the door of the house, and then leaving after, say, three minutes… at all times of day and night?

    They had nine people living in that 3BR, 1500 square foot house. At any given time, there were two or three "cousins" living there as well. On one night, I counted 24 children running around in the road at 11:30 PM. One of those kids couldn't have been more than 3-years old; no parents in sight. Everyone in the house had a smartphone except the 4-year-old. They had subsidized utilities and cable/internet on top of the almost "free" house. I went to work in the morning, and they were sitting out front smoking cigarettes. I came home in the afternoon, and they were still sitting outside smoking cigarettes.

    We were FORCED to move out of a once-nice neighborhood because these people came in and took over. The place is a ghetto now. The rest of the town is following suit, heralded by "FOR RENT" signs indicating "SECTION EIGHT OK!" followed by an influx of blacks and Mexicans.

    You don't need statistics to know what's going on; you just need to drive through your town with your eyes open…

    To anyone who wants to call me a racist; FEEL FREE. This is a TRUE story. The colors of the people have NOT been changed to protect the GUILTY!

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