Premature legislation:

There may be a time when there is a good reason to impeach Trump. But nothing (yet) has risen to that level, despite the hopes of the Democrats. (which would leave them with Pence, whom I think they would like even less, BTW)..

But nope, one idiot chose to file articles of impeachment against TheDonald.  despite the fact that he is on firm legal ground in his firing of Comey.

Thing is, you can only cry “Wolf!” so many times….which is what this is. One wonders if the country will care next time they do so….If they REALLY have anything, will anyone believe ’em or even pay attention?

Trump Derangement example number 5134.

2 thoughts on “Premature legislation:

  1. Can you at least admit now that there WAS meddling by the Russian government in our election process that attempted to benefit Trump's campaign? In Jr's own emails, he admits as much stating that the information originated from the Russian government. And that three of the president's top advisers (Jr., Jared, and Manafort) knew what the meeting was about. Gives TDS a new meaning: Trump Defense Strategy.


  2. IF you think that Russia hasn't meddled in some way in our elections for a half century or more, then you aren't paying attention.

    And they generally have promoted the socialist candidate put forth by the DNC that damages the country. (Not to mention all the damage they did during the vietnam era). came from during

    Just where do you think all that DNC campaign money that was "bundled" by the DNC employed fund raisers? Most of it from China and Russia. Same with all those $49/$99 untraced credit card campaign contributions for Barry during both of his elections.
    ow yYou seem to think that "getting dirt" on an popponent is somehow illegal. It isn't They DNC tried it with the Russian sourced "Steele" report….Why aren't you accusing the "Russians" of meddling FOR Hillary? (Odd how you folks forget that part, innit?)

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