I don’t know

if this latest Trump debacle is real or just another thing the Left has ginned up like all the other “scandals” they have been tossing to the Media….

I DO know that if the press had tried even 20% as hard to find shit on Barry the O over the last 8.5 years, they’d have found a lot. But they didn’t look, so they didn’t. (See also the whole “Birther” thing, and many other items that COULD have been scandals…..)

Or if they had tried even 10% as hard to find shit on Hillary the Pantsuit…we KNOW there was trash to be taken out there, but the press couldn’t honestly bother to look for it, nor to honestly report it if they did find it.

It isn’t the hard look they are giving Trump that bothers me….it is that they refused to give a similar hard look at Barry and Hillary and their actions that bothers me.

And that, my friends, is why the Press isn’t an honest profession anymore. Once, they kept everyone honest. Now, they give us propaganda.

And I know that the “Special Counsel” Robert Mueller, is a joke, wasting tens of thousands of tax dollars per day….He hasn’t done more than hire a bunch of his friends and other “approved” people…..He hasn’t yet secured the Server that the DNC is using as it’s main argument that “the Russians” “Meddled” in our elections….Why hasn’t such a crucial piece of evidence been secured? It is, after all, evidence in a Federeal Investigation, so the DNC no longer gets a say……And the press is letting him get away with it.

Perhaps those who say that it is not only the DNC folks, but the “Deep State” establishment that is gunning for Trump. I dunno, but I don’t like what I smell here. 

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  1. Except the press has never been honest. There was just not another source for news until talk radio and the Internet.

    The press got us into the SpanAm War. Look how they covered up Wilson's stroke and don't even get me going on FDR?

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