3 thoughts on “BarryCare

  1. There is no such thing as insurance for pre existing conditions. By definition, insurance is a gamble that you won't develop a condition. "Pre existing condition" is really just a kind of welfare for which we pay a little.

    In reality, we generally buy insurance and then develop a condition; then the insurance gets to pay for it. Now, if insurance was permanent and transportable, and belonged to YOU and not your EMPLOYER or GOVERNMENT, you could get really cheap insurance when you were young, and then the insurance that covered you would be responsible forever for all the conditions you might develop. That, to me, is the only sane way to deal with this.

  2. Og: Whatcha gonna do with all those folks who choose not to buy insurance?

    Pretty much all the folks covered under BarryCare COULD purchase insurance, they just choose to buy other things. So we gotta cover 'em. Because "Poor". Because "Compassion". And because "Socialism"

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