So it would appear

That Illinois’s time has come….or at least the beginning of it.

They’v finally run out of “Other People’s Money”.

Illinois Must start paying Medicaid bills. Additional $239,000,000.00 each month PLUS an additional BILLION in the next year.

And they don’t have the cash.

They haven’t had a budget in 3 or 4 years. (How can a state operate without a budget?….Oh yeah , when it is run by Democrats) ETA: Even NEW JERSEY has to have a budget or the State shuts down. How does Illinois operate?

If I had a pension from the State of Illinois or a subsidiary,  I’d be worried. 

One thought on “So it would appear

  1. I am hoping on NO federal help or bailout. Watch them burn. Notice it's only blue areas that experience this.

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