Quote for the day:

” ‘Tis better to run out of Tangoes than to run out of ammo

A good thought for today’s world….Especially when some of those unvetted Somali refugees recently brought here get with someone from Dearbornistan for support and radicalize some second generation muslims here in the US and start their own brand of shenanigans….

It has already happened: San Bernardino, Orlando, etc (ETA 9-11-01 how could I forget that?). The media has done all they can to discount it, along with the Feds, but you know it for what it is….

Doesn’t have to be Guns or Explosives either, as we have seen in Europe. Trucks, bombs, knives. They all work. Even poison gasses or poisons in water can be used…..if you are a monster….

But here is the thing. If you cower in fear, they win. I am going to a concert tonight in Chicago. There, I have to be unarmed, as they don’t have reciprocity with Indiana (or anyone, I think). I’m not going to miss my concert just because some Islamic Jihadist terrorists have been successful elsewhere.

Otherwise, they win by default. 

One thought on “Quote for the day:

  1. Be sure to spell my name right in your will…..

    I'm staying out of large gatherings. I admit, I never go to those anyway, though.

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