Gunshow report:

The day was wonderful. Arrived at 11:00 local Saturday. Sunny, Warm, Temps in the upper 70’s. No line at the door.

Lots of ammo, even rimfire. Pricing was better, but not good. I expect that it will continue to decrease a bit.

Nearly anything for sale. Pistols and rifles and all, new or used. Pricing on new was better as well. Lots of AR stuff, pricing was decent if not good.

Few bargains to be found, however.

Attendance was less than expected. I know a fair percentage of the vendors at that show, and they were surprised at the poor attendance. Some folks didn’t think they’d break even.

I didn’t see many buyers. The weather may have affected the attendance some, but even if it were raining I doubt that the venue would have been full. he interest just doesn’t seem to be there now that there is a Second-Friendly Republican in the White House.

I came home with 98.73% of the cash I took. I did order a stock for a project rifle I will be starting.

3 thoughts on “Gunshow report:

  1. I wanted to go, but I would have spent money. I am getting ready to buy a house, and would like to wait until after to spend money. I am going through gun buying withdrawal though. I will be up in your neck of the woods for a few days this week if you are up and about. Probably do a gun store tour. Grandbaby has a first birthday Wednesday. He is growing like a weed:} Take care.

  2. Interesting… I'll have to check the next one down here.

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