‘Twas a great performance

Had dinner and a concert with my parents and MC in Chicago…

Beautiful afternoon for parking and walking in Wriglyville for dinner and then to the concert.

Early dinner at Mia Francesca.

Then a short walk to the theater to get in line for the concert.

Security at the entrance was a joke. But the security folks did put on a great show….Everyone got scrutinized, patted down, and purses and bags searched….It was, as I said, a great show of security…..

I DID smuggle two knives in, just to see if I could.

Not huge ones, but they could have been.

Hell, I could have carried a 1911 and at least 3 mags, the personal body search was so perfunctory….
Probably not a backpack full of nails though, they were checking backpacks and purses for bottles of alcohol (didn’t want competition for the bar inside).

Event Security during the concert was vigilant, however. Gotta give props for that. I’m not sure what good unarmed security can do, but they WERE watching everyone.

The Rodrigo y Gabriela concert was a good one. Good warm up by Ryan Sheridan and a great performance by the headliners.

All in all a great evening.

I think the Splodey Jihadi types were busy elsewhere….

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