Flip Flip Flip

And Trump Caves Again.

So those ObamaCare subsidies?

The ones that Trump was gonna rescind?

That campaign promise?

Yeah, so much Hot Air.

First the Wall…..

Now this:

Trump Caves On Obamacare Subsidies To Avoid Government Shutdown.

I’m growing ever more unhappy with Trump. He SHOULD go to a Shutdown if that is what it takes to get his budget…..Wall, and Obamacare and all the other promises he made.

We elected him on those promises, after all. He doesn’t appear to have the spine to even really try.

Apparently he’s gonna approve a bailout of Puerto Rico as well, in order to prevent a standoff with Democrats and a budget shutdown.  I’d like to see that standoff…there is a point wherin one has to take a stand…

He is, I think, getting bad advice from Reince Priebus…..The leader of the previous GOP, who couldn’t stop anything the Light Bringer did…that party of accommodation.

And it is showing in Trumps lack of victories.

Stand up and fight, Mr. Trump!