Fuk the UN

They claim that repealing ObamaCare is against “International Law”?

Why don’t they take some of their bloated salaries and the profits they make off of the decisions they do at the UN and subsidize those folks they want to protect?

(Of course, they could do a lot with that money in other parts of the world also….)

And we need to make one thing clear to the UN.

They don’t get a say in the laws or operation of the Government of the US. .

If they don’t like that, and cannot understand that, and can’t keep their fingers off of our pie, they are welcome to take their headquarters somewhere else and they can do without our contributions to the UN. (They’d lose better than 20% of their income).

Were I Trump, I’d tell em to take a flying fuck at a rolling donut.

I have found that those surplus blue helmets can be penetrated by a .308 NATO round at a bit over 450 yards. (YMMV).
Just sayin’.