Anyone notice?

I’m not wantin’ to start suggesting that a few (unwilling) people died for a cause or anything….

And yet, one must break a few eggs to make an omelette and all that…..

But have you noticed that ever since the push for Gun Control failed a few years back, there hasn’t been any atrocities committed on the National Media by white guys with firearms?

No schools shot up with those terrible mind infecting Black Rifles, nor high capacity magazine “things that go up”, nor 30 round pistol “clips” in those terrible GLOCKSs or anything?

Maybe it has been happening, and we just haven’t been informed by the media?

Or did all those kids in Connecticut and all those folks in the movie theater in Colorado die and get shot and permanently injured by those whacked out kids on psychotropic drugs for no real good reason. Does Gabby Gifford have a permanent brain injury for nothing….?

Were all those folks just (wasted) sacrifices?

‘Cause in case you haven’t noticed, there haven’t been any big splashy ones since the Left gave up trying to take yer guns away.

(But I bet had Hillary been elected there would have been at least two incidents by now….Just to set the stage ….)

4 thoughts on “Anyone notice?

  1. I'm guessing some Islamic crackpot will get around to a shopping mall or a church one of these days. I'd be ok with a ban on selling guns to Moslems, but I don't guess that would fly. It would be fun to see Chucky and Diane arguing against a new gun control law though.

  2. Oh, the gun grabbers are alive and well where I live! Pretty soon, our guns will be required to be kept in cryogenic suspension, which will require a three-day "warming up period" before use…

    I also noticed that, uncannily, those horrible "mass shootings" always seemed to happen when the Left needed a smokescreen…

  3. You're not seriously postulating that the mass killings of innocent people was a false flag operation by people that want to see a sensible law that limits the access of firearms to persons with displays of mental instability, are you?


  4. Yes, I am. Or at least not ruling it out. Were it conservatives with a conservative cause, I'd not make that suggestion. But liberals (especially your leaders) seem to believe that "the ends justify the means" and seem to have less compunction sacrificing people for their cause. So yes, it is possible, even likely.It is, really just an extension of the "Fast and Furious" mindset….

    Especially considering that since the push for gun control failed there have been no mass killings by white people…..Odd, that.

    You can draw your own conclusions.

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