Tryin’ to understand here, Boss….

So for the past 8 years, Barry did everything he could to snub and undermine and otherwise damage the State of Israel.

And during his reign, the incidents of anti-semitism jumped up significantly  but Barry Obama didn’t do anything to stop it. Never said a word about these incidents.

And the press ignored them. And ignored the silence of Barry the O.

And the claim (although a lie) is that “incidents of Anti Semitism are on the rise since Trump began his campaign” and it is all because Trump is encouraging it in his supporters.

Yet, oddly, Trump has been in  office a bit over a month. There has been several incidents of antisemitic threats and vandalism at cemeteries. And somehow, this is Trump’s fault. Somehow, he is the enemy of Jews. Somehow he is anti-semitic. Even though the rate of incidences has decreased…

Yet he is held in high regard by Israel. Called “friend” by “Bibi” Netanyahu…..

And yet, he is held as Anti-Semitic.

Is this just more lies by the MSM (and the ADL)? Are the “rank and file” jewish folks buying it? Are they that stupid?  Some that are normally highly intelligent and discerning seem to believe it.  Perhaps their Trump Derangement Syndrome predisposes them to want to buy it….

Or is it just more Big Lie by the press repeated over and over?

3 thoughts on “Tryin’ to understand here, Boss….

  1. Throwing 's**t' at the wall to see if they can make anything stick…

  2. I'm not sure why the Dems think that Trumps supporters are anti-Semitic. I care a lot about a great many things, but that issue isn't one of them. I always got along well with Israelis. American Jews, not so much maybe but that doesn't mean I would beat one up. I don't particularly like Yankees, as a group, but I have a lot of friends from that part of the country. I think old NFO is right. The Dimmi's are just trying to create as much of a stink as they can to disguise their own problems.

  3. These assholes do realize that Ivanka Trump is married to Jarrod Kushner, don't they? As in, Donald Trump's son in law is both a trusted adviser and Jewish. And Donald Trump has had good relationships with the Jewish people for many years, not just since he started a run at the presidency. These people are beginning to bore me.

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