I’m pretty sure I’d refuse

at least until either they:

1. Showed me their legal statutory right to demand my identity papers inside the borders….Which they don’t have. (They can try and claim the 100 mile rule, but that wouldn’t fly in this case)
2. Explained WHY they needed me to show my identity papers (and asked politely).

Option 3 is, of course, arresting me. Which has happened in the (far) past, so isn’t that frightening to me…….especially since I don’t have to worry about my boss being unhappy about and losing my job or security clearance.

A search for a deportation target leads to a demand for travelers’ “papers” at JFK

But so many people aren’t sure of their rights and are afraid of anyone with a uniform and badge. Which is why they get away with it….

4 thoughts on “I’m pretty sure I’d refuse

  1. I wouldn't. I got caught in a state police traffic check one hot summer. They asked to search my truck. Standing on principle, I said no.

    They told me to pull over and wait until they got a warrant. I sat there for about five hours, in the sun, with my wife getting sick from the heat. I told them they could search the truck after about two hours, but they said no, they had ordered the warrant and I had to wait.

    Then when it came, they said they were going to search the truck, which they did in about 30 seconds, and that was it.

    The real world doesn't work like it ought to, but it's the one we live in.

  2. Dude…been there, done that. Once I was waiting 2 hours for a warrant. Told 'em either get the warrant or I was leaving…I'd been reasonable. They told me"no, you can't leave". I said they'd have to arrest me, as I was tired of waiting….We could explain it to the judge.

    I left. they didn't arrest me.


  3. In Georgia, that approach wouldn't have worked out so well, I don't think. I admire you for having the courage to just leave like that, but I think here they'd have arrested you. Especially if it was the state police, and not some local yokel.

    I try to pick my fights now. I'm not a particular enthusiast when it comes to the police, but they aren't on my "list" either. Besides, I don't think I'd be so pissed off with Trump as President, as I was when Clinton was President and all the Waco and Ruby Ridge stuff was going on, with Janet Reno sitting up there pulling the strings. It meant more then.

  4. It was, actually, in Ringgold. County boys. Not state. I-75, IIRC.

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