The big deal

is that the “Russians” “Meddled” in the 2016 US elections.

What, exactly, are the “Russians” supposed to have done?

Changed vote counts? Hacked the voting machines so they registered incorrect votes?

Brainwashed the citizens to vote for Trump (or Hillary)?

What, exactly, did they do?

‘Cause I haven’t heard any specifics.

I’m all for an investigation if there is likely to be something there at the end of it.

But if we are gonna spend MILLIONS of dollars no direction to the investigation and end up with just a platform to have our elected officials pontificate and then nothing at the end….I got issues with that. The Conservatives did it several times using Ken Starr and wasted big bucks and got nowhere. I don’t want a repeat of that.

I’d like to see some specific charges before we go much further. 

2 thoughts on “The big deal

  1. The Russians are the go-to boogeymen, and have been since the Cold War. Once again, their pulled out of the dustbin of history, and given credibility as an arch-enemy.

    The Democrats think that if they scream loud enough and keep enough dust and smoke in the air, people will forget that it was THEY who attempted to rig the election. It may work for the the snowflakes and pajama boys, but I won't forget…

  2. Didn't Obama say there was nothing to this back in December???

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