Yeah, that’s pretty much it…

I thought I’d give the NASCAR race boys another chance….Tried watching the Atlanta race.

Pretty much like the Daytona race. I got better things to do. Like take a dump. Or pick my toenails. Clean catboxes….Or a multitude of other things.

Guess that they don’t need me to be a part of the audience anymore.

Yeah, I’m old and all that. But with viewership declining, you’d thing they’d stick with what did work:
Balls out racing flag to flag, slowing only for crashes and to refuel and get tires… not this silhouette racing in “stages” with “cars” that all appear to be the same….And now with stops so the “drivers” can rest and change their onesies. This was once a race for (and by) men. Not so much anymore.

I think Jeff Gordon got out just in time….

The good news is that I will have 2-3 more hours to do things every weekend….

3 thoughts on “Yeah, that’s pretty much it…

  1. They want to get me back, they're going to have to start racing cars I could go buy at my local dealers. Seriously, go to YouTube and watch some of the footage of the mid-60s races. Like this one:

    They looked like, and were, cars you buy, with engines you could buy. Whatever they're doing now, I have not watched or even been remotely interested, in decades.

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