Superbowl (commercial) thoughts:

5:30 Central:

Coke commercial:
If you want to honor “America”, then sing it in American, not some other language. (If you can’t speak the language, you never gonna be a part of this country). THis shit doesn’t belong here. Advertise your product, don’t try social engineering…

5:34: Now, Ford understands…..They just told me why I should buy a Ford, with no social commentary.

5:43: Google gets it too.

5:55 Now the Skittles ad is FUNNY.
6:00 API pissed their money away.

So did GoDaddy.

6:05: #WeAccept…a nice message. Still, doesn’t belong here….Superbowl folks, not Kumbayah.
Yellowtail wines? Yeah, you wasted your money. But at least no social commentary.

6:13 The choice of spokesperson by T-Mobil is nearly as good as having Lon Horuchi give testimony on rifles……:

6:24. Tide. Nice.

6:29: Coke: Now that is a good commercial. No politics.

6:46 Alfa Romeo. Makes me wanna buy one.

7:09: 84 Lumber. Nice sentiment (you gotta go HERE to understand the whole thing) But breaking into the country isn’t a good start to begin your life in you new home, now is it?
Again: This doesn’t belong in the Superbowl.
I will remember this…and buy my home improvement products anywhere but 84 Lumber. No wonder Fox wouldn’t run the whole thing. This is, at best unpatriotic….

7:39. Audi has a great, inspiring commercial…..
Right up ’til the end. Then it pissed me off. I may have to go look at Alfas…
Social engineering doesn’t belong here…even if the message is good.

7:54 Funny, but I’ll prolly not buy a Kia Niro.

8:05:30….Nice…..Walking Dead. Works for me.

8:12….T-Mobil is hitting it after stepping on their crank at the first….and no social commentary.

8:19 Lite Beer. Nice. Even though they never told me why theirs is better. But at least they didn’t try to tell me why I should give up my country to invaders…..nor try to make me feel guilty for being an American….

8:31 Bud Light told me why I want to drink their beer. Works for me.

9:24 Congrats Patriots.

9:30 Hyundai. Nice commercial. Classy.

Overall, the commercials were not terribly entertaining, nor original, nor funny. Some did the job….I remembered the product and the name and others made sure I wouldn’t buy that product or from that company. The social engineering , for me at least, backfired.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe that these folks can spend their money any way they want, up to the FCC limits and to the limits that Fox will allow….That First Amendment thing and all….


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