Lawyers making sure lawyers are employed….

Should be interesting in the courts today
Trump’s team is gonna appeal the stay on his immigration ban.

As he should.

While I am not an attorney, (and don’t even play one on TV), I haven’t heard nor seen any arguments as to why the stay should be legal, nor valid. Some say “unconstitutional”, but I don’t see that….and I have asked for explanations….But no one can seem to come up with any cogent argument as to why that is….Nor even why the lower court found any reason to give the decision that it did.

“Because” won’t cut it. Real, legal reasoned arguments will. And so far, besides emotion, I haven’t seen anything. besides the former. Nothing resembling the latter.

One thought on “Lawyers making sure lawyers are employed….

  1. Yep, upholding it due to 'university' costs is a bit strange… The straws are being grasped on all sides…

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