A thought for

All of you folks who like to toss around the word ‘Nazi”….
Especially those who use it for Trump and his supporters, or Right wingers in general.

I’d like to see even one example of Nazi-ism. Seriously. You toss it around, but you won’t back it up.

The Right leaning folks aren’t acting like Brownshirts, we aren’t eradicating you because you have a different race, nor religion, nor gender appeal, nor sexual identity. For the most part, we follow the law….. We are not frying people or beating them because we don’t agree with your lifestyle…..We haven’t penned you up because you don’t meet the norms…..And you are still alive to use the word “Nazi”….Trust me, if those you care calling “Nazi” were, in fact Nazis, then you’d have a hard time complaining because you’d be dead or imprisoned awaiting death…..

Whereas the Left has nothing but hate for those who are different from them……They bash out windows everytime someone who is different than them or has different views tries to speak, they loot, they burn, they threaten violence and death. They don’t seem to follow the rule of law, instead depending on numbers to let them get away with their violence and disregard for others. There is no tolerance for those who are different than they are. They use a lot of terms that aren’t true, and make false statements (“against the Constitution!!!” when that thing isn’t) and generally lie…. and people hear those words and believe in an unthinking manner…..Much like the happenings about 1938 and 1939……

So, again, where is the validity of the comparison to Nazis? How can you legitimately compare the Right to the National Socialists of Germany? Do you even know what the word means? Do you know enough history to even know what you are saying?

Or are you just parroting the words your facebook acquaintances are using to feel like part of a group? Following in and wallowing in the GroupThink and the crowd?

I’m waiting to be convinced I am wrong….

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