Activist Judges

So Trumps “Muslim immigration Ban” (which isn’t a ban, and doesn’t target muslims, but hey, let’s not quibble over the truth) has been (temporarily) stayed by a judge in Seattle. On a Friday (of course).

The temporary ban will likely be overturned.

It is my belief, that in cases like this, if a judges order is overturned they should be  temporarily removed from the office of Judge pending removal as a judge permanently  after case review by the judges who overturned that decision. Give them a chance to explain their reasoning and justify their decision…

Judges can make such decision with no consequences. There should be consequences. They have HUGE power, and it should be used well, and sparingly and with good conscience. Too often, judges fail to do the latter.

If they had the possibility of being removed as a judge, they might well think twice before making such decisions.

4 thoughts on “Activist Judges

  1. The federal court system is set up so that some pissant judge can obstruct the President of the United States. There are a lot of withered up old prunes from the Clinton and Obama eras still out there plugging up the drain.

  2. Actually, Harry, I believe that this one was appointed by Bush about 12 years ago…

  3. Regardless of who appointed them B, you point stands true.

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