Odd, Innit?

When Barry the O used his “Pen and Phone” to “make things happen” and essentially violate the spirit of the idea of Executive Orders and bypass the legislative process when he knew he wouldn’t be able to make Congress start legislation, it was a GoodThing because his policies were “progressive” and worked for the Liberals…..

Now, Barry is out and Trump is in. And he is using his Pen to reverse many of the abominations that Barry did….and is making proclamations of his own…..and the Liberals Do Not Like.

Tough Titty, Little Kitty. I didn’t like it then, but you accepted it. I don’t like it now, really, but at least things are happening that I approve of….stuff that makes this country safer, stronger, less vulnerable and more independent.

I still, however, would like to see something that limits actions on Executive Orders to 90 days….that would give Congress time to act and make a law, but would still allow our leader some freedom of action in an emergency or other crisis. This for ANY president…No matter what party.

But until we get that……, Fuck the whining Liberals who are seeing their utopia broken down now that their Messiah is ousted.  At least things are going more or less the way I think they should right now. We have 8 years of “Fundamental Change” to overcome.