So, we need to take another step quickly….

Since we have a Leader in the big seat now that seems to understand the issues with illegal immigration, we should also take a few additional steps.

1: Every business that panders to people who fail to learn English needs to hear about it…This is the USA….English is the language we speak (actually, “American” is our language….”English” is what the Brits speak) “Press 1 for English” is just plain wrong… The fact that these businesses choose to accommodate people who choose not to learn the language of the country that they now live in   permanently shows that they are willing to put profit and convenience over their country’s security and that they care little for assimilation of these folks into our culture and way of life. Banks that have Spanish (why only spanish, why not other languages too????) as a choice on their ATM…..Stores that do signage in any language other than english. Take your business elsewhere.

Learning the language of your new home is the first step to assimilation. Until you can speak to your fellow countrymen, you are an outsider….. you are forced to stay in the neighborhood where everyone speaks the language you do, and cannot interact with others of different cultures and cannot be a part of the country you have chosen as a home. You are not an immigrant, you are an invader or a colonist.

Pandering to those who decide not to be a part of our society should be punished.  Call, write, email. If they don’t change, take your business to someone who does change.

2: Push for defunding any government program that doesn’t use English as its primary language. Yes, we can help those from other countries learn our language…that doesn’t mean that we should make it easy for them to NOT learn english. No Drivers License tests in Spanish or any other language. Provide translations in a courtroom or when being arrested, yes. (I am all for everyone being given a complete understanding of what they are being charged with, and making sure that they have a complete understanding of courtroom proceeding, understanding their rights and representation). But no spanish or other languages in welfare offices nor other government assistance programs. Learn English or bring your own translator…or don’t get help. Schools that provide transition language classes, yes. But no classes taught primarily in Spanish….”bilingual Education” has become “teach ’em in Spanish”…which, again doesn’t fix the issue. This goes especially true for local and county and state programs….English or nothing.

3: If you employ people, or hire a contractor, make sure that the workers are citizens or have a Green Card….make sure they are here legally.  If you need to, ask. If they won’t show it, or otherwise prove that they are legal, then go elsewhere or use a different contractor. ….A few years ago, I had a roof replaced on a business…a big one. I specified in the bid request that all workers had to be legal…..the crew showed up and were speaking spanish. I asked for proof……they left….The next day, a different crew showed up to do the work….and they did have legal looking paperwork…..Do this every time you buy something, pay for a service, etc. Make it something to be ashamed of for a business to hire and employ illegals. Hell, make it a shame for them to employ folks who don’t speak english….Accented english is one thing, no english is another…..

I include here all languages other than English…..There are places where Russian is the only language…Others where Syrian or Arabic is. There were once places where Polish or Italian were the language of the neighborhood. But all those immigrants bothered to learn English. Not so in some communities today….

The largest barrier to assimilation is language. Making it easy for people to NOT learn english is one way to help them fail to assimilate into our country and culture. I know many immigrants. Some I call “Friend”…It takes guts and determination to come to another country where people are “strange” in order to make a better life for yourself and your family. Most of the immigrants I know, I respect and I think they have more guts than I do. And most of ’em agree with me that learning English is a part of becoming a citizen….if nothing else it shows where your loyalties lie.  I welcome folks from nearly everywhere who will be productive citizens…who will be loyal to whatever the fuzzy concept that America is….not to a 7th century religion (and I’m not just talking Muslims here) nor to a flag that isn’t the American Flag…..Who will work and produce, and be the kind of immigrant that will make America what it was and can be again…strong, productive, and a shining beacon to the rest of the world…People who won’t hate what the USA and it’s people are …who won’t hate our culture or mores or freedoms….Who won’t enter and demand changes to make the US like the shithole they left….and who won’t demand that someone else pay for it either.

I urge you to help me on these three things. Write, call, email, do whatever you have to to make your opinion known to those who need to know. Be willing to move your accounts and money…take your business to places where they have the interests of the USA and it’s citizens at heart. Choose USA

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  1. When I was young the children of spanish speaking immigrants I grew up with were disciplined for not speaking english by their parents. These parents understood then what is still true english is the language of success,promotion of multilingualism is subversive to our government and promotes a destructive caste system.

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