I remember:

I was living in Indianapolis Just off of 86th street. Was at a friend’s apartment we were studying and getting ready for class, Bob and Tom (Local morning drive time comedians) were on the radio. Playing music….

Then (I think) Tom came on and said “The Space Shuttle has just exploded on takeoff”.

I remember saying”That isn’t something to joke about”

Todd said, “Turn on the TV.

And there it was.

The launches had become so routine that we didn’t bother to watch.

Until that day.
10:38 AM Central Standard Time, 1/28/1986. 

This image is I will remember as long as I live:

One thought on “I remember:

  1. I did not know until this week that Apollo 1 burned on Jan 27 and the shuttle on Jan 28. One day and almost two decades apart.

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