I do like hearing that

“President Trump”…

Not because I was (or am) a fan of TheDonald, but for one even more important reason:

They aren’t saying “President Hillary”.

One thought on “I do like hearing that

  1. This one's been around awhile: A man approaches a Marine guard at the White House, and says, "I'd like to speak with President Obama."

    The Marine answers, "Sir, Obama is no longer president." And the man walks away.

    This happens over the next two days, and on the third day, the Marine is a little exasperated, and says. "Sir. I've explained to you over the last three days that Obama is no longer president, Why do you not understand that?"

    The man answers, "i understand it just fine. I just like hearing it."

    Whereupon the Marine straightens up, gives his sharpest salute, and with a slight smile, says, "See you tomorrow, Sir!"

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