White House web page is now English only. 

No Spanish. (why weren’t there other languages there….We have immigrants from everywhere). Not anymore. English only.

As I said already….outfuckinstanding.

About time.

I am the son of immigrants. Mexico is in my heritage. My parents and their parents are proud immigrants…..Part of the “Melting Pot”.

When I was in high school, I washed dishes for an italian man in his restaurant after school. He didn’t speak great english,…in fact, he had a really strong italian accent. So did his wife. BUT HE (and she) SPOKE ENGLISH. His kids were as american as any other kids in the town..(Except they spoke Italian as well as english). He told me “When you make another country your home, you should damn well learn the language of your new home….or you are just a visitor”.

Phillipo was always gonna consider Palermo his first home….But The US was his adopted home. He was an immigrant…He assimilated. He wasn’t a citizen, but he was proud of his green card.

He wasn’t a visitor nor an invader, unlike some other folks here now…… 

3 thoughts on “OutFuckin’Standing

  1. My wife was born in Mexico. She came here LEGALLY. She held a green card for years after we married. Politically, the time came when she had to make a choice; become a citizen of the United States, or hang onto citizenship in a country that proved it cared nothing for her. She made the choice, took the oath, and swore allegiance to the United States. She's never looked back.

    My wife may have been born in Mexico, but she bleeds RED, WHITE, and BLUE. The United States could never hope to find a finer patriot…

  2. That's good news. I don't know if you caught it, but this past weekend the MSM was spreading the word that "according to an unnamed source, the bust of MLK has been removed from the oval office." That was bullshit. What happened was that President Trump had the bust of Winston Churchill returned to the oval office.

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