‘Tis a good thing

That the press is now doing their job….


If only they had bothered to examine every statement by Barry or his spokesweasel(s) over the past 8 years as closely as they have to anything Trump has said in the past two days.

It would appear that the Media has spent more man hours checking every presidential statement over the past few days than they have in the previous 8 years.

Odd, that.

No, It isn’t. The press hates Trump and fawned over Barry.

News? Haha…..Propaganda. 

2 thoughts on “‘Tis a good thing

  1. Doing their job? Hardly. They covered for Obama and Hillary, and now, they're out to get Trump. There still is no actual journalism occurring.

  2. that picture of the mall? taken before most people had shown up.
    Fucking LYING reporters.

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