It is a good thing they are wrong:

Did the last of the Christmas shopping today (Saturday)….

It is a good thing that I (a legal Concealed Carry license holder and owner of many firearms**) am NOT the psychotic, bloodthirsty, maniacal murdering person the anti-gun people say I am……

Or the carnage when mingling with the rude, stupid, apparently psychotic and uncaring Christmas shoppers (and those driving to and from their Christmas errands) would have been incredible and spectacular. ….You’d be reading it on CNN right now.

But I am not, and you aren’t.

**(I actually lost all but 3 in a tragic canoe accident just last week)

2 thoughts on “It is a good thing they are wrong:

  1. I am sorry for the loss of your possessions. I have had a similar experience and whenever I speak of it, my friends always ask why I was bringing so many firearms on a kayaking trip.

  2. Narrowly avoided being in the news the other day. The Mrs. was pushing her mother in a wheelchair at the local Wal-store, and I was several steps behind with the shopping cart. I spotted two young thugs who had alerted on her, probably to steal her purse and phone. I was able to block them before they made their move and avoided bloodshed. Be vigilant.

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