21 Dec, 1988

Another in the long list of terrorist incidents by the Religion of Peace.

This one over Lockerbie, Scotland.

Pan-Am Flight 103.  243 passengers. 16 crew. 11 folks on the ground.

I knew a dude who lost his dad on that flight. I met him long afterwards….Worked with him for a time.

He isn’t right to this day.

Remember. Say a prayer for the victims. The family members too. They have to live with the aftermath.

How many of those M&Ms are you willing to eat, again?

3 thoughts on “21 Dec, 1988

  1. Good point. The 'effects' are still being felt from that and many other 'situations'…

  2. The Pan Am Flight 103 bombing had less to do with Islam than it did with the US meddling in the Middle East. It was a political act by the Libyan government, not a religious act.

    Maybe if we ended it idiotic policy of "Invade the world, invite the world" we would save both American blood and gold. Nah, got to keep those defense contractor profits in the black.

  3. Chris: You may be right.

    Twasn't done by followers of Jesus Christ though, was it? Is nearly always followers of Mohammed. Why is that?

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