An example of why your vote matters not at all:

The 2000 + page “Omnibus Spending Bill” funds nearly everything the GOP promised to stop…

and doesn’t fund anything they did promise to fix. 

It basically gives Barry O and the DNC what they want.

And, of course, fucks you, the middle class taxpayer/working guy. right hard in the ass, no dinner, no romance, no lube.

The GOP is aiding and abetting the rape of America “fundamental Transformation of America” by Barry and the DNC, with Paul Ryan helping.

He should be hung for his betrayal of his supporters. Beaten for the breaking of the promises he made to his constituents.  Tossed out of office for his lies and betrayal. For starters.

2 thoughts on “An example of why your vote matters not at all:

  1. Well, if the folks out there, who vote in GOP candidates, completely stopped voting for any GOP candidates and instead voted for third party candidates, or not at all, for just one major election – there would be a resounding wake-up call in the Republican Party. Our votes (or even our failure to vote) would certainly count then and in all future elections. Merely dropping out of the Republican party and becoming an Independent might do the trick too but the voting for other candidates (or not voting at all) would be much more likely to succeed although we would have to live with the resultant leftist monopoly for a few years afterward.

    All the best,

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