Coming soon to a city near you

Yeah, so some folks might consider me racist for the below. I don’t care. I don’t want to see my fellow citizens slaughtered. And let us all face the truth. When we heard that there were coordinated attacks happening in Paris, we all thought “Followers of Muhammad”. We all knew, with near 100% certainty that these were not Buddhists. We knew who it had to be, even if we wouldn’t talk about it….

So there are approximately 100,000 “Refugees” coming to the US. HERE are the cities to which they will be distributed. 

Not all, I am sure, are terrorists. But Paris though for sure NONE of their refugees would be terrorists either, and yet, some were, and they have at least 150 people dead because of that assumption.

How man of your friends and neighbors are you willing to sacrifice?

Why would we want to bring snakes into our midst?

Wonder how many of these “refugees” are horrified at the deaths of so many infidels? How many of these “refugees” decry the actions of the murderers in Paris?