So the word of the day on CBS

is “Radicalized”.

Seems that we can blame whomever “Radicalized” these Frenchmen French Muslims who were part of the terror attack.

Why is it that it is only the Muslims that get “Radicalized”? It isn’t the German Lutherans who go all Radical….isn’t the Catholics, nor the Protestants nor the Buddists nor the Wicccans nor the Druids …

What is it about the Muslim faith that lends itself to “Radicalization”?

Yes, I know it is a small percentage of Muslims that “radicalize”. What percentage of a population is it acceptable wherein that percentage may go nuts and kill you? If 1% of dogs went nuts every year and attacked and killed people, we would have no dogs in this country….1/2% ? Is that acceptable? Maybe .001% of muslims  Can be Radicalized?? I dunno..

How many is too much of a danger?

2 thoughts on “So the word of the day on CBS

  1. Absolutely correct. Is that roughly 6 million aberrant muslims? That is quite the standing army. Are they really radicalized, something different, new? I suggest not, this appears to be the MO.

    Then, there's the chuckleheads on the dan rather network refusing to call islamic terrorism what it is. Instead, they argue about funding from Wall Street and algores scam. The question that is never asked of these idiots, "How can a problem be adequately addressed and remedied if you will not call it what it is?"


  2. I wonder when that term will be applied to us as 2A supporters… sigh

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