I feel sorry for the folks in Paris. My prayers are with the families.  But they were a terribly easy target to attack (again).

Much of the talk last night in the venue where I was socializing was that it could be tried here, but looking at the crowd of 200+, there were (that I know of) at least 30 firearms, and we would be, at least, a much harder target. Hard to do much about Suicide Bombers, but bullets would seem to work well against gunmen.

This is true of nearly every state in the west and midwest (west coast states excluded, of course) and much of the south, but the East coast would be as soft a target as the unarmed French were.

One wonders if these attackers arrived in the recent wave of immigrants. For those who are truly seeking a better life, I hope not……I fear that the borders of the EU are going to close with a bang.

2 thoughts on “Paris

  1. I think it will come out that some were 'refugees', and others home grown… Thoughts and prayers for the dead and wounded… dammit.

  2. My guess is the places they would target in the US are no "harder" than the ones they chose in Paris. All the stadiums and 99% of the restaurants in any US large city are gun free zones these days.

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