Diversity, no matter what

So it would seem that some administrator at a middle school in California (where else? I think that California government is a stain on the American landscape and often wonder if the country would be better off if we fenced the California border off and let them be their own country) felt that she had to have Diversity in the student government at all costs.…So she (chose to attempt to void the elections, which elected Asians, Whites, and mixed race students…and no Black or Latino students or “English Learners”….

Is there any wonder that the education system is so fucked up? These are the people that are school administrators..And she will probably keep her job, desite sendiung a bad message to the children under her care.

One thought on “Diversity, no matter what

  1. Were I a parent there I would sue.Rightly pointing out that she is denying the "Will of the People" the students, and use a few terms like Dictator and Communist Political Officer.

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