Info Bleg:

What caliber/gauge/choke is best for drones??.

Srsly. Suggestions are welcomed. Height above ground is 40-100 feet generally below 70 ft. . Quadcopter.

I’m beginning to think I should have taken up wingshooting or skeet so’s I’d be better for the drone that is irritating me some days over my homestead…

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  1. I'd suggest tungsten turkey loads, 3" or 3½" 12ga. Magnum. That ought to have enough range to reach out and touch it, and enough power to take it down. At any rate, those tungsten pellets should do a number on its rotors.

  2. It doesn't take much to bring one down. I would use 12 ga, the 3" #8 or #10 shot with the "improved" choke (providing you have changeable chokes).

  3. I used to stare at my M60 and just wish for a drone. Smoe people have all the luck.

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