It ain’t free

Was talking with a dude about what we did this weekend.

Mentioned that I had split a rick (8′ X 4′) and half of wood. Got my exercise.

“Oh, you heat with wood? Cool!”….”Must be nice to have all that free heat…wish I could do that”.

Well, first of all, you could “do that”, if you own a home….and chose to.

Second, it isn’t free. There is the sunk cost of the chainsaw, axes wedges, sledge, racks, etc. Plus the stove itself.

Then there is the sweat. Lots and lots of that. (not that I don’t need the exercise… and, as far as I know, no one ever drowned in sweat). But sweat there is, in plenty.

Sweat when you cut it after the thunderstorm that brought it down….

Sweat when you haul it home.

Sweat when you stack it so it can cure.

Sweat when you split it.

Sweat when you stack it so it will dry after it is in stove sized pieces.

Sweat when you bring it inside to burn.

And it is nice when you burn it. And it keeps me in shape.

But it ain’t “free”. Not by a long chalk.

3 thoughts on “It ain’t free

  1. Nope, not 'free' by a long shot. But it does keep you in shape! 🙂

  2. I'm sure you don't want to hear this, but don't ever buy firewood by the rick. Look rick up in the dictionary.

  3. I split and stack my own. I haven't bought firewood in 20 years.

    Mother Nature supplies all I need between thunderstorms and Ice…

    I turn away "free"firewood every year….

    And yes, A rick of wood is somewhat variable….

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