It occurs to me….

That our Founding Fathers, and the rest of the colonials that fought the British Army (of occupation, really) committed what was, essentially, treason,  for far fewer transgressions of rights than we experience today from our own government(s).

Methinks that August has too few Holidays. Perhaps we should add another….the Second Day when we celebrate Independance…a day to commemorate when the American People rose up and said “enough!” and threw off the yoke that our current government has imposed upon us. Perhaps, on this first day of Independence, we should consider their example.

I am thinking 8/8 has a nice ring to it……

Something to think about.

Our forefathers would have revolted a long time ago, doncha think?

5 thoughts on “It occurs to me….

  1. cool idea

    The trouble is more than half the folks in this country call that yoke you mentioned "a duly authorized." They would be much more apt to turn you in than rise up to regain their lost freedom.

    Sad state of affairs.


  2. Problem is, back in Colonial days, we, the people, had no say in our governance. Today, we have it, just like our founders wanted. And unfortunately, like Moe said, a majority apparently want things just like they are. So who would we revolt against? Our neighbors?

  3. Do we, really, Murph?

    Our elected government doesn't do the jobs we elected them to do.

    Our rpresentatives fail to reign in our govenment agencies and/or the President. Our courts pervert the laws and "interpret" their words to mean something else.

  4. Yet a majority of the citizens who vote re-elect the same people over and over. The ones who vote for more welfare do exactly what the welfare recipients (who are bused to the polls in large numbers by Democrats every election day) elected them to do. The ones who back illegal immigration do exactly what the illegal alien-supporting voting blocs elected them to do. If the voters were not happy with their own representatives, we'd see huge turn-overs every election. But we don't.

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