Minus really friggin cold tonight

So a question:

If yer furnace went out tonight, would you be able to keep your pipes from freezing? Do you have a backup method of heating your home, or at least keeping it from freezing?

We use 2 forms of heat here at our home. Wood (tied into the forced air system)is the primary (sorta), with natural gas as a close second. (the issue with wood heat is that when the outside temp is at or near freezing, it is hard not to overheat the house using wood. (you can build a fire only so small!). If we aren’t home to tend the fire, then the natural gas comes on to keep the temp in the house at 50 F.

We also have electric heat in a pinch….it’ll keep the pipes from freezing.

If the electricity goes out, we can still use the woodstove. It will keep the house at about 40 degrees F even with no electricity, just natural convection.

Do you have a backup heat source?

6 thoughts on “Minus really friggin cold tonight

  1. Yep, I keep a long lighter in the junk drawer for JUST that purpose. And I know where the pilot light is and how to get to it. 🙂

  2. Yup – not ideal but it would work.

    Abby the Lab has never shown any interest in getting on the bed – probably not allowed in her previous home. 4 am this morning, heat turned down to 61 and we're under a thick comforter and guess who is between us snug as all get out, snoring.

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