So on Tuesday, I gave blood.

It was a directed donation, at a hospital. For a friend and classmate of my niece.

Now, I used to give blood every few months. In 30+ years, I have donated over 15 gallons to the Red Cross. But about 4 years ago, I stopped. Used to be, one could show up at a blood drive, and, if they weren’t too busy, be in and out in about an hour.

This was the case Tuesday at the hospital where I donated. Even though the first phelbotomist had issues (the second one stuck me fine and I filled the bag in just a few minutes) 3 guys went in and left in an hour, each donating a pint of blood.

Sadly, this isn’t the case anymore at the Red Cross. Their procedures have changed to the point where it takes nearly 3 hours to give blood. They don’t seem concerned that the volunteers have jobs and a life…..

So I don’t give anymore.

Plus, if you DO give, they will hound you incessantly for years trying to get you to the next blood drive, calling you daily and in the evening….and they won’t stop for a long time.

If I can give blood in a hospital and be out the door in 45 minutes, why does it take 3 hours at the Red Cross blood drive? 

4 thoughts on “So on Tuesday, I gave blood.

  1. yeah, the bus comes to our church and they get you in and out fast. I can't donate anymore due to my meds but Mary does, and usually they haver her in and out posthaste. I think the blood drive vans are the ones that get the best phlebotomists. I had a five gallon card and was almost to another five gallon card when Dad died, and I stopped about that time.

  2. See, my experience is just the opposite. THe blood drive vans here in Valpo take FOREVER to process.

  3. I donate through a group in Indy – NOT the red cross – it's 30 minutes in and out – they're wonderful people and they NEVER call unless they're seriously out of O Negative. If it was otherwise, I'd likely not consider donating so often.

  4. I was told after I got back from Desert Storm that they don't ever want my blood again.

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