No charges, but punishment…

So Kurt Busch’s girlfriend has made some accusations against him….Supposedly (allegedly) the action happened in late September…..26th .

She waited until November to report it. I find that odd.  And was seen in public being very affectionate with him after the supposed abuse….several times. Again, strange. And she waited until now to make a big deal about it. Timing?

And now, he is suspended. Effectively ending his driving career.  Yet no charges have been filed…none. He has not been arrested, nor has he been charged with any crime. The most the judge has done is issue a no contact protective order (which was prudent).  Yet NASCAR has chosen to crush Mr. Bush. Not to wait for due process of law, with no presumption of innocence. Is this the post-Ray Rice world of sports?Really?

Now. I am not discounting Domestic Violence. Not one bit. And I don’t know what happened that night. Nor do you. We have 2 stories told by two different people. And Ms Driscoll isn’t some uneducated floozy who couldn’t know what to do had she been beaten and strangled. Yet somehow she took a month to decide to press charges. I find that odd. And, because she waited, made the whole incident a he-said-she-said thing, as there was no physical evidence that her story was true. All the bruises (that apparently cannot be seen on the photos presented as evidence) had had time to fade. Now, maybe she is telling the truth and he isn’t. We don’t know. Maybe she is lying and he is telling the truth….Again, we don’t know. Maybe she is just angry with him and has concocted the whole story to screw him over. She has, in the past week, made herself a HUGE media presence in the attempt to make him look bad….No press conferences or any other media presence until the week before the start of the NASCAR season.  I find that odd. Most women just want things to fade away when things like this happen. Yet she is doing her best to drive a stake through his heart. She didn’t push for a resolution until last week. Just before Daytona. Seems more like a vindictive woman that a battered one……….Women wouldn’t lie about such things….right? (stop laughing, this is no laughing matter)  This essentially came down to a judge buying her story over his. And we all know that judges aren’t ever going to take the side of women over a man, right? That they haven’t been doing that for the last….what? 50 years?

I do know that, unless there is overwhelming evidence that he did beat and strangle her, that the presumption of innocence should apply to him as well. And yet it didn’t. There wasn’t, apparently, enough evidence to charge him, yet NASCAR has found him guilty….Had he been charged, then I would ahve supported his suspension…..but he wasn’t. NASCAR’s actions were cowardly and their decision precipitous…As  was Chevrolet’s. Perhaps they know something I don’t, but I do think that if he isn’t found guilty, or at least CHARGED WITH A CRIME then he ought to be able to sue Ms Driscoll for his monetary losses, at the very least. 

I am ashamed by the actions of NASCAR. And his sponsors. I fully intend to contact them all and let ’em know that I think they are wrong. And buy accordingly.