So the cops

are telling me they are hoping the Ferguson/Brown/Wilson Grand Jury decision (which by all accounts if is anything resembling fair, will exonerate Officer Wilson) happens later in the week, as then the weather will be cold and somewhat windy, and the protests in major urban areas will be less motivated to stay out and make trouble….In other words, they’ll fizzle out fairly quickly, if they happen at all. 

Seems that they all believe that these folks will only protest when it is convenient, and they’ll protest only because they don’t have anything better to do. and won’t when they might get uncomfortable doing it.

I hope they are right about this.

2 thoughts on “So the cops

  1. On a similar note, has anyone heard the update on Dillon Taylor? You know, the unarmed white cracker who was shot and killed by the black, oops, I meant "not white" cop while shopping at a convenient store. The latest I saw, and since he is white, you have to search for the update, the attorney general decided not to pursue charges against the officer. If you listen close to the media, I swear you can hear crickets chirping, on this issue. Being white, I wasn't sure if I am suppose to go rioting in sympathy, or, since I am white, I am just suppose to swallow the racist nonsense and go to work tomorrow.

  2. I understand that water cannon work a treat in really cold weather.

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