Fuck ’em

Who says they have any authority, anyway?

What right does the “Lexington-Fayette Urban County Human Rights Commission” have telling any business that they can’t refuse to provide goods or services to anyone?

A privately owned business should be able to choose who, when, where and how they do business. If they don’t want to do business with someone, then that is their choice. Not up to the government, be it state, local or federal. If they want to discriminate based on religion, or race, or gender or whatever, that is between them and their customers….Not any government entity…Iif the Human Rights Commission is actually a government entity)

I would have issues were this a publicly funded entity such as a school or a government office, but it isn’t. It is a private business.

I’d contribute to a legal defense fund, if he goes to court and needs help.

2 thoughts on “Fuck ’em

  1. One wonders if they would tell a muslim business the same thing…

  2. NFO's question is the crux. If a muslim business were to do same they would absolutely not be prosecuted…perhaps the owners should appeal for judgment under sharia law…….on second thouhts, perhaps not.

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