I got wood…serious wood

I used a different set of log tongs (still gonna make a set as soon as I find some half inch plate) to pick up the rounds in my front yard and stack ’em in the back yard. It’s nice having the tractor to pick ’em up.

Yeah, those rounds stacked are 70+inches tall.

Plus these:

Makes for a lot of wood. It’ll make a LOT of firewood come next year.

I used a set of these:

Which are nice tongs, for what they are, but they really don’t grip the logs the way the tongs that I lost . They just sorta hook the wood. Yeah, they are meant for skidding, not lifting, but they really won’t replace what I had, either.

I’m still gonna make a new set. I gotta find some 1/2″ drops that are like 18″X 6″

4 thoughts on “I got wood…serious wood

  1. probably could make a few anvil stands out of these logs!

  2. Those are some big rounds. Gonna split up to a fair amount of firewood no doubt.

  3. How on earth do you split rounds that large? I don't own enough wedges – two isn't enough for those.

  4. actually, 3 wedges will generally do it. If I wait until the temp is well below zero, I can often split 'em with just an axe.

    But these need to cure for a while. They are still VERY wet. (which is why they are stacked the way they are). They (right now) weigh near 1000 lbs. Once they dry, they'll crack a bit and lose a hundred or more pounds in water weight. Then they are easier to handle and MUCH easier to crack into pieces that are easier to handle. Not hard to pick up and move once you break 'em into thirds or quarters…..

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