While Ebola carriers move through the system

Infecting others along the way…

Remember that the CDC and NIH were spending their taxpayer funded budgets on Anti-Gun propaganda and Overweight Lesbian studies and other non disease related things….

Which is why their response to the upcoming Ebola crisis has been so poor and disjointed and ineffective.

I’m not even sure if anyone there really knows more than I do (and I only know what I can find via Google, honestly) about Ebola.

So rather than spend our money on, you know, disease research, The Centers for Diease Control has been pissing it away.

And the National Institute for Health has been doing the same.

Kinda like the fact that the Feds were watching you and I while the 9-11 terrorists boldly waked into this country and killed 3000 people….because the Feds weren’t looking and preparing for the right danger….

2 thoughts on “While Ebola carriers move through the system

  1. uh huh, fat lesbians and drunk monkeys.

    How bout that WTC-7? Dang that Larry Siverstein.


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