One might have thought that the health care folks who were treating Mr. Duncan in Dallas might have been, if not quarantined, at least restricted from travel….But no. Apparently, they have all gone on far flung vacations.

Third ebola caregiver showing mild symptoms… ON A CRUISE SHIP! Note that Belize doesn’t want anyone from that ship on their soil. Which shows that the public health folks in Belize are smarter than Asparagus. (Which my not be true about the decisionmakers for Dallas Public Health and the CDC)

Why’n the hell are they being allowed to travel?

And if Ebola is “so hard to catch” then how did they all get it?

If there is a third wave from any of these healthcare workers, then the CDC folks should be charged with attempted homicide for their negligence.

And beaten for their stupidity…

Now, there are a LOT of diseases that look like Ebola (or Ebola looks like a lot of other diseases) in the early stages.  Cruise ships are known for harboring Norovirus, so it could be that…But still, travel after caring for Ebola patients with no quarantine?

One thought on “Intelligence?

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