I am pretty much waiting

I was gonna post this this morning, but then other facts began to come out, so I waited even longer. 

To let things settle on the Ferguson MO shooting of Michael Brown. Trying not to pass judgement until I know all of the facts. The media is portraying Mr. Brown as an innocent youth who was angelic and never mean to anyone….Few 18 year olds (of any race) fit this description. This is not to cast aspersions on him either. He may well have been a nice kid. There is evidence that he may have had a violent Juvenile record too.

(and I am glad I did, BTW)


From all reports, young Mr. Brown was shot, from the rear, while running away. And he was unarmed.  Those facts appear to be undisputed. (Not so much, he was, apparently NOT shot in the back as first reported)

Now, I don’t know what transpired, what the series of actions were that ultimately resulted in the shooting. I doubt that the cop just decided to shoot Mr. Brown for no reason.

(You can read the details at Gateway Pundit, if you care to). 

But I do know that if I shoot anyone, innocent victim or even someone who has assaulted me or another person while they are RUNNING AWAY, I would be charged with murder. Once they are running away, they can no longer be considered a threat. It would not matter what had transpired before he began to run away.

Now perhaps the facts have been misreported, and the kid wasn’t shot in the back, or perhaps he wasn’t unarmed. Perhaps he had a knife or something. I’d like to give the cop the benefit of the doubt, but if the facts are as presented, the the policeman (who still hasn’t been named) should be charged with murder, just as you or I would be charged in similar circumstances.

We shall see.


And as I said then, We shall, indeed see. Seems the media misrepresented the whole story. 

“Big Mike” Brown robs a convenience store. Gets stopped by the cops. disses cop. maybe a struggle…. Cop draws gun. Brown rushes cop. Cop fires.

Not quite what the media told us, is it?

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  1. Yeah, the more that comes out, the more different the 'situation' becomes… But the left won't back off, they've already staked their agenda out…

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