Grey Man

So someone who knows a little about me asked why there are no NRA window decals on my truck or car… pro Second Amendment bumper stickers….no anti federal government or tea party insignia. No Gadsen flags or such. No “1911” or “GLOCK” or “SigArms” decals.

I replied that I saw no reason to advertise…no reason for the cop who pulled me over to have any idea what my political views are. Not  reason to let anyone know that there are likely firearms in my vehicles (there might well be….).

Why tell the guy who might be interested in stealing your firearms that all he has to do is follow you home and break in after you leave to go to work?

Why wave a flag until the time is nigh? 

Better to blend in with the rest of society and hide amongst the sheep until it is time.

6 thoughts on “Grey Man

  1. I took all mine off my vehicles as well
    Other than one WWHBD.

  2. No web presence to speak of, never use my real name, never allow my picture to appear online. yep.

  3. all I have is a Galt's Gultch parking permit on my car. I suspect only friendlies will know it is fake.

  4. A news article I recently read recommended against such stickers as there appears to be break ins of vehicles when they are parked in "gun free" zones as most people who carry follow the law and would more than likely leave gun locked in vehicle.

  5. I've had my 1911 and little Sig sticker up for ages and never had any problem, but a lot of folks wouldn't know what they meant, wherein they would know a Second Amendment or an NRA sticker. Still when the squirrel vehicle is unavailable and I have to take my own truck somewhere, through sometimes less than savory areas, I prefer the young guy tailing the redhead, to know she's armed, and not afraid to use it.

  6. Agreed.

    I don't advertise a thing on my vehicle other than what the manufacturer placed on it and in some cases, that can be too much depending on the make and model.

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